Happy Pap Day! (amberalert) wrote in beatadeadhorse,
Happy Pap Day!

Starring Janet Leigh

Howdy! We are back from How to beat a dead horse fest. Such good times. Almost all the bands were incredible. Met some amazing people, and got grreeeaaatt contacts throughout the states. Many many thanks to bodys in the gears for being such amazing guys to 5 foreigners, and to all the other bands that hung out with us, and only laughed a couple times when we said "eh". Especially sayla. I think thats how you spell it. My band will correct me later on, and ill get all the links up and such. Woo! Anyway, This is the first real moment we (and by we, i mean me) have had to update the site in awhile. I think we hae a week off from shows and such. So feel free to email us! Woooooooo! New pics will be up shortly, and hopefully a video or 2!

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